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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 21 in 2019. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "

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I got too many wishes, but let's be realistic...
I hope that the people around me will be happy...
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to carry on walking along with me in this journey...
And this is for you, my loves.

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Monday, 27 November 2017

hi guise. its been long since i updated. so just a summary of November since it's ending.

time flies so fast and 2017 is ending in a month time . i have so much to do, but i just cant find motivation to complete anything anymore. so basically my modules for this sem is like all visual related and thus im quite adaptable to it hence im like still lepaking until now. Fave module : DPG!!

cause i get to use a DSLR and learn how to capture better images with it, like my bio quoted, capture the moments , because memories are meant to be kept forever.

 my god look at how uneven my skin tone is. 
side note: RIP to the owner of this bike.
i may not have met you in person, but i got a photo of ur bike before your accident.
may you be in a better place and you are deeply missed by your friends.
2nd side note: im not good at speaking at such event, so i tend to just speak directly from my mind..

god look at my brows, its gone again thanks to my stupidity in wearing a helmet. but i miss my WAKEUP helmet. now im using GROOVY. but i kinda like my own one better :(

honestly quite motivated to learn how to ride a bike because of my bf. but im scared still, and i think ladies bikers are really cool. i may not wanna be a racer but i think maybe i can try learning how to ride. my bf wanna upgrade his bike but i cant even get license yet. my new goal for 2018: to get a class 2b license. 

im in love with you,, deep shits of love. but you keep hurting me times after time. im losing my strength, im losing myself. i dont think i can find you again, i think im lost. and you are gone.

i remember when you first found out my blog, and ur english is getting better. and im running out of places to write my feelings. i dwanna start a new blog or insta acc. so im just gonna write here as usual. if you do read it , please let me know. its really hard, when i have to smile and hide the pain.

these photos summarise my heart feeling, i wont speak much again. because im too afraid to let you know.

thank you for the memories, thank you for helping me grow independent .

i loved you.
  i needed you.
    but, where are you ?


♥ Embrace the magic