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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 21 in 2019. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "

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Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

I got too many wishes, but let's be realistic...
I hope that the people around me will be happy...
and that they are all in the good of healthy...
to carry on walking along with me in this journey...
And this is for you, my loves.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

we are all waiting for that special someone in our life. waiting for that someone that is willing to take a bullet shot for you... do you know every single word you say to me... i take them very seriously.. idk about you tho, it may just be a joke. it may just be for the sake of saying.. it may be cause you dwanna hurt my feelings... i dk haisss.

我知道我做的这一切可能对你而言没什么大事,可是这些事我都很乐意去做。因为....我喜欢你。反正你终有一天是会回去的..倒是我又会一个人在这了,你会渐渐的忘了我.. 我真的很害怕我们连朋友都不能做啊..

你说要娶我,可是你不能啊。你真的当我傻的吗? 明知道你是不可能和我在一起的啊,可是就是还笨笨地喜欢你。我问你 :可以喜欢你吗? 你说 : 可以 ^_^   这是真的吗? 喜欢你又这么样...你都不可能喜欢我的

I'm sorry i fell in love w you. I'm sorry i came into your life. I'm sorry i messed up your perfect life... I'm sorry i can't stop thinking so much...  the 26 of nov, you will be going back,, idk whad is gonna happen during that one week time frame.. honestly, you changed my life. I'm a person that hate smokes and smokers... but because of you, i accepted the fact that you smoke despite my dislikes for it.. I'm also happy that you actually tries to keep it under 5 cigs everyday.. i may not know you well enough.. because i know you still have stuffs that you don't and can't and will definitely not tell me.. maybe not now .. but I'm glad, that you still tell me some stuffs that nomal friends won't tell . i have no idea whad you think of me, but i know that you're well aware of my feelings.... 谢谢你没把我推开.. every single word you say to me.. i remembers it , i won't forget it, even tho they may not be true... its like the only thing that can make me feel happy . its gives me this source of happiness that you cannot give it to me directly..  当她打给你时,你为什么要讲话讲到这样小声? you're speakin canto w her... which is a language i won't understand.. because of you , I'm trying to learn this language. in hope i can converse w you w it.. but i think i like Chinese better. 因为chinese 是让我们跟接近彼此的原因。

i know its not easy for you,.. neither isit easy for me. i dw to become the third party of your rs,. but i cant control my feelings for you anymore, its getting stronger each day... i even have dreams of snippets of your life. and you seem so happy, just that i wasn't there. they said I'm overthinking , but then it seems so real.. i told you i will wait before.. but I'm not sure if you will remember it.. we're both still so young, but we all have different mindset of living.. i know you really like cars and motors, and everything that speeds. you're a full grown man , while I'm still this lil kid. are you willing to take of me ?  to be honest, 1 year ago. i never thought that ill want to live in that country. never thought that ill have poeple like you as my best friend and my love. life is so unpredictable. now that i met you ... 如果你问我要陪你吗? 我一定说要。因为我很想陪你过着每一分每一秒。谢谢你没叫我不要再喜欢你了,因为我做不到。谢谢你没叫我放弃你。

i don't know whad will people think of me, people might judge me for being a third party. for breaking you and her up... but all these thoughts still didn't stop me from liking you.. instead it just makes my love for you stronger , 我终于等到那一个人出现了,可惜他出现的时候不对... 我愿意等你的,因为你是我的一切了。

♥ Embrace the magic