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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 21 in 2019. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "

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Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

I got too many wishes, but let's be realistic...
I hope that the people around me will be happy...
and that they are all in the good of healthy...
to carry on walking along with me in this journey...
And this is for you, my loves.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

really thankful for this short break. you cant see us, and we can't see you.. i think we all can use this time to think stuff over... it makes me realise that you really cares abt me, which is good. because it really warms the heart. especially when I've been overthinking a lot recently. they said that midnight convos are the most honest ones, drunk people don't lie. so are you speaking whad you really felt that night ?  do you really care  ?  do you think we have a chance?  its still all these thoughts that keeps me awake at night, but its also the content that can put me to sleep. i told you, i won't ever forget anything that you say to me, but i wonder if you're speaking the truth ... you said you told me everything, but then you left her out. i know it's weird to talk abt her w me.  but I'm really curious. and scared. they all warned me, that if you can like me while dating her ... you will most probably like another girl while dating me.. but i believe that won't happen.. because from the start, i was to blame. i came in, i messed up ur perfect relationship w her. 

now that things came this far, there is no going back... 他们说只要再向前走一步,就会幸福。于是我就走下去了,可是这过程不简单,我必须勇敢地往前走。爱真的需要勇气。although we both come from different world. your background and mine is completely different. but I'm glad how both of us aren't afraid to try , I'm glad both of us are making efforts to fit into both ,,, honestly, there are still a lot of stuff that I'm curious abt you.. and one day, i want to be able to tell everyone that i know everything abt you . whad you like and hate. whad you eat and don't. whad is your fave past time. i want to know everything that is related to you. 

every night before i sleep, i'll hug my pillow real tight say goodnight to you. it sucks to know that you're staying w your gf . it sucks to know too much sometimes.you may not tell me this, but idk how to react sometimes I'm really confused. that day, when zhen told me that. idk if i can believe his words or not... when he mention that you want to break w her, idk whad to feel or say. i dw you to make rash decisions. i want you to think wisely. after all, it was her that came this far w you. but I'm willing to wait for you and walk the rest of your journey w you. it really makes me feel like a third party but idk how, i can't control my feelings for you anymore. its growing out of control. I'm pretty sure most of your friends will find me weird or stuff. all of you came from the same school, you were friends since young,. and then a random me came into your life. 

this morning as i laid in bed, looking at our past convos, i realised i missed hearing your voice, i went to find all them voice notes just to hear your voice.. i know you delete our convo each night, i know you keep nothing. i really dk whads your plan , i dk where I'm gonna end up. but i just hope that its w you.... 

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