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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 20 in 2018. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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Get good and decent GPA for poly.
A good camera that captures every memories.
A better me
Earn lots of money so that my family can enjoy life better.
Visit South Korea
A car/bike to drive around.
Getting myself inked at age 21.
Bikes that i wan : R15, KTM duke200, Kawa zx10r .
Treat myself better and to tour the world.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

really thankful for this short break. you cant see us, and we can't see you.. i think we all can use this time to think stuff over... it makes me realise that you really cares abt me, which is good. because it really warms the heart. especially when I've been overthinking a lot recently. they said that midnight convos are the most honest ones, drunk people don't lie. so are you speaking whad you really felt that night ?  do you really care  ?  do you think we have a chance?  its still all these thoughts that keeps me awake at night, but its also the content that can put me to sleep. i told you, i won't ever forget anything that you say to me, but i wonder if you're speaking the truth ... you said you told me everything, but then you left her out. i know it's weird to talk abt her w me.  but I'm really curious. and scared. they all warned me, that if you can like me while dating her ... you will most probably like another girl while dating me.. but i believe that won't happen.. because from the start, i was to blame. i came in, i messed up ur perfect relationship w her. 

now that things came this far, there is no going back... 他们说只要再向前走一步,就会幸福。于是我就走下去了,可是这过程不简单,我必须勇敢地往前走。爱真的需要勇气。although we both come from different world. your background and mine is completely different. but I'm glad how both of us aren't afraid to try , I'm glad both of us are making efforts to fit into both ,,, honestly, there are still a lot of stuff that I'm curious abt you.. and one day, i want to be able to tell everyone that i know everything abt you . whad you like and hate. whad you eat and don't. whad is your fave past time. i want to know everything that is related to you. 

every night before i sleep, i'll hug my pillow real tight say goodnight to you. it sucks to know that you're staying w your gf . it sucks to know too much sometimes.you may not tell me this, but idk how to react sometimes I'm really confused. that day, when zhen told me that. idk if i can believe his words or not... when he mention that you want to break w her, idk whad to feel or say. i dw you to make rash decisions. i want you to think wisely. after all, it was her that came this far w you. but I'm willing to wait for you and walk the rest of your journey w you. it really makes me feel like a third party but idk how, i can't control my feelings for you anymore. its growing out of control. I'm pretty sure most of your friends will find me weird or stuff. all of you came from the same school, you were friends since young,. and then a random me came into your life. 

this morning as i laid in bed, looking at our past convos, i realised i missed hearing your voice, i went to find all them voice notes just to hear your voice.. i know you delete our convo each night, i know you keep nothing. i really dk whads your plan , i dk where I'm gonna end up. but i just hope that its w you.... 

♥ Embrace the magic

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

i really dk whad I'm doing these days.  overthinking every now and then, really believing that he is mine. when he isn't... i can't help but think, maybe i am used to you  ? but everything is so different now.. not like when you first texted me .. honestly, I'm very confused by you. i mean you really showed me you care abt me.. you really are the person who texts me. just that idk, there is something still bothering me.. and then i realise that I'm the third party. I'm sorry i behaved this way, I'm sorry I'm acting like this.. maybe you are afraid to stop cause after all I'm a kid, maybe you dw to hurt my feelings.. idk... but back then when you first knew my feelings for you,, you tried to avoid me so much,.. why is it now that you are ok w it and the replies you give... it makes me feel like its no longer a one sided rs.    "  whad if you found your soul mate... at the wrong time ? "

你对我说过的每一句话我都会牢牢记住在心里,可是你记得吗? 你对我说过的话... 也许你只把我当小妹妹酱看待,而我却自己在这胡思乱想。你说过如果我们没缘分,我们就不会认识到彼此,我还以为只有我会有酱的想法,没想到你也会说出这种话... 听了真的会心暖啊。。 我还记得,你以前说过,拍拖是为了了解对方,讲不定这男的可以给到她幸福呢 .... 请问冯先生,你会不会陪我? 最近我们聊的话题...真的把我弄乱了啊,一下子说 至少还有你 ,却另一天又消失了。我真的好怕你一句不说就离开我啊,也许应该是我要离开你才对。因为我本来就不应该和你有这种感情。如果要放下你,我只会静静地消失,再也不出现在你面前。可是我看不到你,我好难过,好害怕。you may call me selfish, for not considering the gf's feelings... but i am really trying my best... i ask god for help, i ask everyone i can for help. they all tells me that i should never feel bad or guilty because ... up to this stage, it is him who chose me.

i keep telling myself, i keep reminding myself. that if it hurts too much , i have to let go. but no ... i can't . instead it just gives me more reason to pick up more courage to win this battle. it gives me headaches, but it makes me happy . they say I'm just one more step away from happiness.. and that I'm one step closer to you, but then it came so fast sometimes, idk whad I'm doing. idk whether its the  right to do or not. you keep appearin in my dreams these few weeks. you even tell me stuffs ,, which I'm glad you did. you randomly sends me an old photo of you.. xiixixi its really adorable. when you went missing this morning, I'm so scared ytd's goodbye was forever. it took me a lot of courage to actually be the one sendin a text first. cause I'm afraid you won't reply. like once , long time ago... but I'm so happy when my phone buzzed and your name appeared on the screen. you said you can't bear to ignore me.. idk how much i can trust your words. but i still choose to believe in it. this is how much you mean to me. you became my entire universe. so many better guys out there, but my heart chose you.

this time , when you go home. i hope you really won't forget me, and actually send me photos to see. there is so much urge in me to actually make a trip down town to take a peek at you. i want to see you one last time. when you come back from this trip, i really dk whads gonna happen. but i have the feeling. its going to change all our live differently. its gonna be a very big impact on all three of us. do you realise how blessed you are? two girls have a thing for you. you're not even the smartest and best looking man on earth,. but you still managed to catch our heart. you made both our heart beat faster and faster. at the end of the day, even if you chose her over me. ill be very happy for you and her .. because.. 我真的很喜欢你,所以我要你幸福快乐。


♥ Embrace the magic

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

so today, class 2 went to the museum! we got an asg due in two weeks time, and its a 10 page long asg -.-   the problem is, today, we were all too focused on takings ootds and nonsense photos, we didn't pay attention to the artefect  :(  now i have to make another trip down there :(   but nevertheless, it was a great time spent w the class ^^

we trine step models but i think we got to improve on posing :p 

hi guys ! this is shi hui !!

 best bud <3

Totally spies <3 

really blessed to have met everyone in class 2, really blessed to meet good friends here. 

2015 have been a very nice year to me, it allows me to find true friends and know who are there for me when I'm down . this year, i realised not everyone stays in everyone life forever. " best friends forever" ? its just a name we label ourself as. back then, i was really afraid to call any of my good friends that.. and i think many of them hated me for it, but when i finally opened up and called you guys my best friends... where did you go to ? why did you leave my side? whad happened to best friends forever ?   

i met new friends, but i never forget my old ones. i miss all of them so much, i miss being me when I'm w them.... especially my dearest cleo, ely, shi xuan, darryl and aud..  sighs. so much has changed this year. Renee, Jia ying ,Shi hui, Joanne, Liani, Merick and bella have been great company in class. Kei, Leong, Zhen, Tan, Que , Ali and shaheer have been the best buds at work.,  Reinhard , Alex and Glen are the ones i can count on when i need helps.  Everyone is here for a different reason, and I'm so scared that one day, everyone will be living their own life and that they will forget a friend like me exist. 

♥ Embrace the magic

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

this thursday, you're going home. only gonna be back one week later... idk whads going to happen.. maybe you'll think through, maybe you're gonna come back and be cold to me again .. maybe you will realise you can't let her go... maybe you won't want to be more than friends w me .. I'm really scared. scared of losing you and everything we have now. the way i put things, it may sound like you're really mine, when you are not. I'm so confused by everything. I'm losing myself. i found a new me in you. it may not be well liked by everyone else. but as long as I'm happy w you, its ok.

你这一回,我不知道会发生什么事... 我只知道我会比以前还要想你。我知道很多,可是什么也不能说。因为我怕我一说出真心话,你会不理我。我真的很害怕啊,怕失去你,怕你不要理我了。 我怕到时你对我说: 你把我话当真的啊 ... 那时的我就会。。。。  did you know 6 months ago, you unknowingly came into my mind, my heart , my soul. and now that you're apart of it, i am not willing to let you go. i know i have to back then when it just started, but i didn't and now its too late to late go.. cause idk how to anymore. you brought my heart beating faster each time i see you smile. you made my heart feel alive again. there was even a period of time, when i actually can smell you everywhere. its like your scent is lingering around me. i never felt so comfortable smelling it. honestly, i still have a lot abt you that idk.. but there are some that i know... and i know i put you in a very difficult spot, i really hate myself for that, but i can't help my feelings. it just grows stronger each time.

they say that chats at midnights are the most honest ones... I'm still really scared of sharing my feelings w you. but i wan you to know how i feel abt you... even tho its wrong of me. i can no longer control whad I'm thinking abt.. i only know that if i don't say whad i have in mind now, i might regret it forever in the future. you are the best thing ever happened to me this year. and i am really thankful for it. I'm truly blessed to have met you . you seen me barefaced. you seen my ' just wakeup ' face. I'm thankful you didn't say or judge and is willing to still be w me. cause this is how i know, you really don't mind how i look.  as the months goes past, we became closer to one another. idk if you will stay by my side forever, but i just want to cherish every moment i have w you now. the way you call my name , the way you call me.. it makes my heart beat faster each time. when i look deep into your eyes, it warms my heart to know that you are looking straight back into mine. no, I'm not afraid to look you into the eyes, cause when I'm looking at you, i found me.

to be honest, these few nights, i've been dreaming abt you. i see you each night in my dream. i can't really remember whad i saw, but it wasn't all that good and bad.. but at least i still got to see you in it. maybe its a warning to tell me i may regret my actions next time. but i know deep down that if i let you go just like that now, I'm going to regret it even more. 你说你的心在我这,你说你没骗我,我信了。 傻傻地爱你,我知道我的出现可能为难了你,对不起,我没本事为你做什么,我只能陪你在身边。我不说话的原因是因为我想把当时的美好时刻留下来。我好害怕我的未来没有你,我不想和你说再见,我不想让你走。可是我知道你以后应该会离开我。

there is still 4 more days before you return home. idk whad is gonna happen. i know I'm gonna miss you badly, i told you I'm going to miss you.. and you said that your heart is w me. it really brings comfort to know it, whether its a lie or not.. you say you're gonna get me my fave snack and send me photos. well i hope you keep to ur words.. cause thats the only i can know if you're real.

♥ Embrace the magic

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

we are all waiting for that special someone in our life. waiting for that someone that is willing to take a bullet shot for you... do you know every single word you say to me... i take them very seriously.. idk about you tho, it may just be a joke. it may just be for the sake of saying.. it may be cause you dwanna hurt my feelings... i dk haisss.

我知道我做的这一切可能对你而言没什么大事,可是这些事我都很乐意去做。因为....我喜欢你。反正你终有一天是会回去的..倒是我又会一个人在这了,你会渐渐的忘了我.. 我真的很害怕我们连朋友都不能做啊..

你说要娶我,可是你不能啊。你真的当我傻的吗? 明知道你是不可能和我在一起的啊,可是就是还笨笨地喜欢你。我问你 :可以喜欢你吗? 你说 : 可以 ^_^   这是真的吗? 喜欢你又这么样...你都不可能喜欢我的

I'm sorry i fell in love w you. I'm sorry i came into your life. I'm sorry i messed up your perfect life... I'm sorry i can't stop thinking so much...  the 26 of nov, you will be going back,, idk whad is gonna happen during that one week time frame.. honestly, you changed my life. I'm a person that hate smokes and smokers... but because of you, i accepted the fact that you smoke despite my dislikes for it.. I'm also happy that you actually tries to keep it under 5 cigs everyday.. i may not know you well enough.. because i know you still have stuffs that you don't and can't and will definitely not tell me.. maybe not now .. but I'm glad, that you still tell me some stuffs that nomal friends won't tell . i have no idea whad you think of me, but i know that you're well aware of my feelings.... 谢谢你没把我推开.. every single word you say to me.. i remembers it , i won't forget it, even tho they may not be true... its like the only thing that can make me feel happy . its gives me this source of happiness that you cannot give it to me directly..  当她打给你时,你为什么要讲话讲到这样小声? you're speakin canto w her... which is a language i won't understand.. because of you , I'm trying to learn this language. in hope i can converse w you w it.. but i think i like Chinese better. 因为chinese 是让我们跟接近彼此的原因。

i know its not easy for you,.. neither isit easy for me. i dw to become the third party of your rs,. but i cant control my feelings for you anymore, its getting stronger each day... i even have dreams of snippets of your life. and you seem so happy, just that i wasn't there. they said I'm overthinking , but then it seems so real.. i told you i will wait before.. but I'm not sure if you will remember it.. we're both still so young, but we all have different mindset of living.. i know you really like cars and motors, and everything that speeds. you're a full grown man , while I'm still this lil kid. are you willing to take of me ?  to be honest, 1 year ago. i never thought that ill want to live in that country. never thought that ill have poeple like you as my best friend and my love. life is so unpredictable. now that i met you ... 如果你问我要陪你吗? 我一定说要。因为我很想陪你过着每一分每一秒。谢谢你没叫我不要再喜欢你了,因为我做不到。谢谢你没叫我放弃你。

i don't know whad will people think of me, people might judge me for being a third party. for breaking you and her up... but all these thoughts still didn't stop me from liking you.. instead it just makes my love for you stronger , 我终于等到那一个人出现了,可惜他出现的时候不对... 我愿意等你的,因为你是我的一切了。

♥ Embrace the magic

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


i realised that I'm always thinking abt you... not just always, but I'm thinking abt you even more than before...  i can't control my feelings anymore. idk how to stop . i can't stop. i dream about us , i dreamt abt you and her... i dreamt abt the three of us. and its very scary how we three can all be in the same dream.. I'm really sorry that i came into your life and changed it ... if only we kept our distance back then.. perhaps i won't have fell so hard for you ...

你记得吗? 我说过的那些话..你有用真心去读吗? 我说过了,以后就不会有我烦你了... 总有天你会离开我,或者我会选择离开这里。可是我是不会不要你的。 因为你是我最想留下的小幸运。如果有缘,我们会再见到彼此。你却说了:如果没缘就不会认识彼此。 which is true, without fate, i wont have met you . i wouldnt have like you. i wouldnt have stay so long. i may not know whad you truly feel abt me, but i know my feelings for you keeps getting stronger everyday... you know all three of us are gonna be hurt real bad one day... its either me or her... if this is the case, sometimes i just want to give up . and wish you will stay w her, because... if she really cherish you, she won't want to lose you either..  its okay for me to be sad alone. its okay cause I'm the third person here. but then you came telling me words that makes me heart skips a beat. it makes me heart beat even faster... 如果全世界我也可以放弃,至少还有你值得我去珍惜...  你说过的话,我能当真吗? 我多希望我可以啊,明知道是在欺骗自己,可是还愿意傻傻地去爱着你。

they told me not to give up , they told me to fight for my own happiness... and i will. i will fight for it.  however, i will not fight w her.. i want you to choose who you want to stay. its okay if you choose her cause im just someone you came across in 2015... but if you choose me, ill definitely be happier.. 我们不要说再见,因为我会很舍不得你.. you told me this : 你不可以离开我 but do you really mean whad you say ? i want to stay in your life. i want to be apart of it, but i know very well that i can't be there until someone else leave. you can't keep both of us... 反正地球是圆的,我们以后还会遇到彼此。可能现在不是时候吧,

原来我已经不知不觉地喜欢上你了.我向流星许愿,希望你的愿望里也会有我...即使知道只有她可以陪你和给你快乐... 我真的喜欢上一个大傻瓜了..

♥ Embrace the magic

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

maybe its time to bid goodbye soon ? sighs .. its not gonna be easy. i promise you, when I'm ready to leave. you won't be able to find me again. i will leave from your life completely.. i won't return . maybe ill pop up somewhere to look at you.. but you will never see me again in your life. I'm grateful for the moments we once shared, and ill cherish it forever. you changed my life. you are my everything, but I'm not yours. I'm really thankful for being able to meet you this year. you made my 2015 a meaningful one. thanks to you , i managed to try something i never thought ill ever try ; being in love w someone that i know i can never call mine. "  The most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt by the heart. "  you are the most beautiful thing in the world to me, despite your flaws and everything. even tho i hate the fact you smokes, but you're still the most beautiful thing i ever seen. without you,  i wonder whad kind of person ill be... who will i be ? how different will i be from who i am now....

you said you do think about me.. but ill never know whether you're telling me the truth or not. even tho sometime i know very well that its a lie, i continued to lie to myself thinking its real. this imaginery relationship I'm dreaming of... as each day passes, .. i realise I'm falling even deeper than before. knowing it yet not giving up . because deep down, i know very well .. if I am going to give up now, i will regret it forever. and if i wanted to, i would have given up 6 months back. They said. A crush only last 4 months, if it exceeds, its love....  yes i like you so much i want to say i love you ,. but i can't. because once i say that, then there won't be a way out for me. i cannot and won't say i love you, until i know that you won't leave me dying. all those text mages. do you remember whad you say to me ? cause if you don't, i do. and i will never forget them. i like you so much , idek whad I'm going to do when i have to say goodbye to you. i will regret saying goodbye. but when that time comes, i have to say goodbye even if i have to murder my own heart. 

 21 years ago , i was never apart of your life. you never knew i existed, i never knew you existed. we were all happy w our lives. but this year, 2015. we met. 你说如果没缘就不会认识了,你说得对。我有机会认识到你是我的福气,因为你是我的小幸运。你是我最想留住的小幸运。 我知道要和你告别是迟早的事,可是我希望我不用和你说再见,因为我会恨舍不得恨舍不得你。 :( 可是我还是要还你你以前的生活,那是你没有我在,你不会因为我而烦恼,因为我的存在,造成了你的麻烦,对不起.... 我也不想的,我会尽快离开你身边,你也可以过回你以前的生活。过回你和她幸福快乐的日子,你要好好珍惜她,因为她也很爱你。

no matter whad the future has installed for us, i want to promise you this, i will never forget you. and i hope you can promise me too, that you will never forget me. i can't exactly name our relationship now, cause its complicated. but i wan you to know, even when i leave your side. i will love you forever . till we meet again, if we have fate. it was fate that bought us together in the first place. and i believe god has prepared something for both of us. its up to us whether we want to open this pandora box. 你要记得,我会永远爱你的,无论我们两都在不一样的地方,我是不会忘记你的。你是我的小幸运。 遇见你是注定的,我们的未来会不会有对方,是我们自己去争取的。 

♥ Embrace the magic

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

I'm on the verge of breaking down. every piece of me is crashing down. i am lost. whad can i do now . i took the wrong move of liking you even more, thinking that it will be safe,,, but I'm so wrong. i shouldn't have let my feelings controlled me. i made a terrible mess for both our lives. you and i both know that she knows. but why wouldn't you tell me ? why ? everyday passes . i get more and more confused each day. all i know is that i fell in love w someone i shouldn't have and now its too late to turn back. at first i thought that it would just be me... but then i think i dragged you down w me now too.

that day,, that dream,, it seemed so real . i am scared. i don't think i will feel good too if that really happened. i am happy for you two. but at the same time, I'm jealous. i know there won't be a ' us ' but i just can't help myself... everyone is telling me i am gonna get burned badly by this fire. but i still wanted to go near to it, this fire gave me warmth and comfort. this fire was the only way of keeping me alive. but at the same time it was burning me alive.

i really really like you a lot, i can't stop myself. if i have to say goodbye, i need to leave everything behind. i need to learn how to walk away and never turn back. but i just can't. i know that I'm always waiting for that small glimmer of hope to happen. and sometime when it does, i feel comforted and at ease.  i can't say much to anyone cause it is after all my fault for being the third one . i never thought i would ended up as one even. i believe that everything happened for a reason. and fate does exist. we met for a reason, but i just don't know whad is that reason now.

i know i need to say goodbye. i know i have to, but i don't know how. i can only think of running away from the situation , but that is such a cowardly way. i don't want to be erased from your life completely too. neither will i erased you from mine. I'm grateful and thankful for every moment i ever spent w you. it was the best memories made.  you made my 2015 a wonderful and colourful year.  i will never regret the moment we spent together, i will never forget you. no matter where i am in the future or where you are. i will still be thinking about you . all the memories we created.... i wish i met you before her, if there is a next time , i will still choose you.


♥ Embrace the magic