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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 21 in 2019. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "

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Sweet Desires

Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

I got too many wishes, but let's be realistic...
I hope that the people around me will be happy...
and that they are all in the good of healthy...
to carry on walking along with me in this journey...
And this is for you, my loves.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

the months seems like years to me, I'm starting to doubt myself too, whad have i turned into (?) I'm no longer the kitty that everyone thought who i was. I'm curious where she went to. i want to find her back, but i just don't know how... everyone out there thinks I'm perfect , Ive no worries and stress. just because i don't show it doesn't mean i don't have it... for all you know , i maybe breaking down inside. barely surviving. I'm holding every pieces of me w that lil amt of strength left in me. I'm tired. i wish i can just go somewhere far .

冯先生,你好吗? 我有好多话想对你说,可惜我不能说.... 因为说出去后,我真的不知道该怎样走下去... 明明就很喜欢你,却什么也不能说,那些话收在我心里已经很久了. 我都不知道我可以忍到几时... 唉~ 做么我会走到这种地步... 如果当时我没选择pfp,我就不会认识你了. 我也不会害到你被夹在中间... 请问你未来的路要怎么走? 因为我要鼓起勇气走向另一个方向... 我怕了,我真的不想照成你们中间的问题,我知道我是没机会的啊,可是我还是放不下那一点点希望。。

i really can't control my feelings for you anymore. i know its wrong and i have to stop, but i really can't. I'm falling deeper as the days goes by. everything i heard from others, it really makes me wonder if there is even a 1% chance between us, but then again there is her. she will always be there, i know i shouldn't even be mentioning her when I'm the extra here. but its just so confusing sometimes. i don't even know if you are lying to me or not, i don't even know if i can trust your words at times. it was you that told me not to trust everyone words. but are you one of them that is lying to me too ? i wonder a lot, but i still chose to believe you won't lie to me and that you are always serious w whad you said to me... but sometimes i really doubt myself, i wonder am i really that gullible ?  sighs.

♥ Embrace the magic