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Kitty Tan.
Every moment lived is worth remembering.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 19 in 2017. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for cameras because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I'm in love with sports. I'm also in love with food.
I am also a Ngee Ann poly student.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "


" Live updates of everything"


Did I hear someone said "nutella" or "peanut butter"?

Get good and decent GPA for poly.
A good camera that captures every memories.
Forever and always w my fave person on earth.
Earn lots of money so that my family can enjoy life better.
Visit South Korea
A car to drive around.
Getting myself inked at age 21.



Meet some lovely people ♥



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Monday, 9 March 2015

Saturday by the bay ! 
 so i spent my Saturday catching up w the fave Acap boy and Reinhard ~ too bad Alex couldnt make it tho :( nevertheless it was an awesome catchup session and time well spent ^^ we gossiped about school (ws) HAHAHAHA :p and it was amazing <3  

And we actually travelled all the way down to garden by the bay just to snap some shots for Acap IG's update HAHAHAHA 

And this is a happy me, cause she got her Genki Sushi job // service crew //

Im super duper whooper happy to say that I'm officially a genki sushi crew girl ^^   I ACTUALLY JUMPED AROUND IN PUBLIC BEING HAPPY CAUSE IM POSTED TO THE ORCHARD OUTLET !! #embarrassingaf but I'm just too happyyyy !!  unlike the other two that got the chinatown point outlet HAHAHAH :p  but I'm working alone and i have no idea how I'm gonna survive this shit cause I'm gonna be awk af  :x   well the lucky two are working together .

and i have to freaking go back to Isetan's HR tmr to return my badge and claim my $5 back :@ why can't they gimme the badge as souvenir ...... -.- 

this pretty much sums up my day ^^  although we can't work tgt, this is funny shit for both of them cause chinatown boys HAHAHA :p  I'm still very happy about my work location :/  anywayssss, all the best to me cause i think I'm gonna have a hard time coping w the new work environment, but lub you too cause you guys made holidays so much better ^^  <3



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