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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 20 in 2018. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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Get good and decent GPA for poly.
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A car/bike to drive around.
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Treat myself better and to tour the world.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hi guys ! Happy mid week to you all !! Short update today abt the week - 

so yesterday was the opening of Coffee Dynasty and i made a special trip down to The Verge ! They are located at the 3rd floor of the Verge beside a photo printing store . for the opening and i like the interior design esp the yellow glowing floor *.* 
Mango cashew muffin X mini cupcakez

Its sooo yummy and i got it cause there my fave mango in it !! #happygirl98 afterward i had a cup of hot choco from the boss and it was personally made by him !! 

Hehee love love hot choco and definitely gonna do more cafe hopping after my N's. !! 

And today i went for a 45min cardio training and another 30min plus on jogging w guan wu arnd bp and we mangaged to cover a ..... 

After a month plus of no training this is actually not bad plus we didnt stop to rest !! YAYYYYY !  

Anyw today i found out that friends are just friends and best friends can also not be your best friends. Tired of treating you guys as my best friend and being treated as a nobody . 
One day ill become a nutrionist and show that you ppl are eating unhealthy food and dont come bullshit w me nonsense :) 

My tumblr crush <3 


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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hey guyssss !! So today i went to some lovely people houses for raya and it was so fun and the foodd... TOO DIE FOR AND I ATE SO MUCH CALS AND OMG wtv ah cheatday :/ 

Fitri house  

So the first hse was Fitri's and her house was hugeee and its sooo soo cool and thhe food like i said are amazinglyyyyy goooddddd foooddddd !! Liking the nutella cake best and the noodles are amazingg tooo ! Watched a japanese horror film at her place and its so scaryyyy and yuckys . :p not a horror type of person i tend to freak out in the dark and im so glad it was played in the day !  THANKYOU FITRI FOR THE INVITEEE ~~!

Next house was Elysah's !!! more good food and better shows hahahah ~ 

LOL the guys faceeee :)))))) sooo funny i cannottt ^^ 

My baes <3 
More good food and the show was : white house down and hehehe i like it and they played games and idk whad and im like the blur one there and there we went out to take photos and yeap let the photo speak :)
Cause i can only pose like this w her so all the weird poses comes out ! Love you Elysah !!  Thanks for inviting us too !! 

Qipeng and my closed eyes  - swag on me :p 

Since primary school and couting - guan wu - yayy to one of my longest friendddd !! 
Colourful Kayal And meeee ! I like this picture sooo soo muchhh hehehehe ~!


 Last house is Asyraf ! And his house is awesome alsooo !

Roti jala w curry = yummy tummyy !

 Thank you asyraf family for the yummy food and fitri for serving us !

well this sums up my saturday ! Well spent weekend to celebrate Hari Raya and also the end of prelims ! Thanks for inviting us over ! 


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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hey guys !! So prelims are over for me except emath but im not gonna care abt that for nowwwww ~~!! Been neglecting this space for awhile and thought that since i got no sch tmr i shall update w the recent events !! 

So i havent been having enough sleep for the past one week cause im up at 2/3 in the morning to study and its really tiring and my panda eyes are like revealing and this is a big disasterrrrr :(  and yea im gonna start living my dream because i think its time to change and im sick of being a student ( must tahan another 2 month plus till im done w nlevel and olevels :/  ) So im really anticipating a change and i think im gonna like it better than before ^^ 

Ft dirty mirror and skincares products xx 

I dont have my own dressing table yet but soon okie soon ill get rid of my study table and get myself a dressing table and im gonna re-organize my clothing and room !! Totally inspired by Andrea from That f word !! #ClickNetworkTv yayyy to themmm !!  Daebak to them <3 

Throwback to msia trip during the june holidayzz ! Time flies damn fast when your not paying attention -note to self- so gonna get myself new shades and bags when i head over to town this friday w my girls and darryl <3

Going to the dentist tmr for an appt and im getting *surprise* colour that ill be revealing in the upcoming post !! 

I spoilt my ipod's earpiece today !! :( crying a river because its only 5/6 month old and its all my fault and im sooo sorry bae i miss youu . Please revive !! 

Kinda wantinng a road trip w my future boyfie and yea theres this really cute guy on insta and his my insta crush and i can keep dreaming cause he wont even notice me LOL . But this will be going onto my #WishBucket 

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hi guys ! So its been almost a week since i last posted and im super sorry because of prelims and memorising stuff i couldnt blog :(( anyway ! Just to update w some recent events and another of MISSHA product !! 

Hand cream 

So i got this amazing lemon grass secent hand cream at MISSHA outlet a few weeks ago and i finally passed it to Darryl as his birthday gift !! Since he like such stuff alot and im cash tight again ... :/. BUTTTTT i really like the smell of it , its just soooooo soooo refreshingggg !! 

Anyway so head down to any MISSHA outlet today to grab yours now !! It comes in other scents too and its less than $10 !!! Do remember to quote my name ' Kitty ' and they will pass you a form to fill it up :) when you are buyingg . Thankies for readinggg !  


Dream bedroom <3 i really wish for my own bedroom because i just cannot stand sleeping w my sister . :/ why are asian parents like thisss yoo . 

At the temple praying for my ah gong . So i told my mum i wanna take a selfie w the flames behind mee andd tadaaaa LOL . And there i was studying for ss and im soooo glad whad i studied came out !!  This week is officially down . 3.5 paper downs , 4.5 left to tackle .  Screwed up amath because i overlooked the last page and totally didnt do the qns at all :(((  feel like killing myself sia but i was tooo tired from the early morning studying ... 

Me after every math paper . 

So thankies for reading and ill update soon again cause prelim ends next tuesdayyyy!!!!! 

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Happy national day to every fellow singaporeann !! still in the national day mood because of the ndp feel *.*.

Marina bay the floating platform 

Isnt it beautiful ? I couldnt catch the parade cause of the location but i was totally in the ndp feel ytd !! Went to catch a glismpe of the march pass by the ndp contingent and dayummm it was magnificent !! Loving ndp contingents even more and more and its just infinity and beyonddddd xxxx ! 

Great company for ytd and even though it was a super crowded day it was definitely worth it for the contingents !!
 basically what i wore for national day ~ quite satisfied w everything except my face LOL 

one of my fave <3

Selfie w the NCC and NCDCC !!

I swear guys in uniform are the most handsome man everrrrr !!  Loving the ncdcc contingent even though im not part of it this year :(((( but getting to see encik againn is really touching even though they dont recognise me :((  nobody from ndp 13 managed to be part of ndp 14 .. Ndp 13 really changed my impression on NCDCC , i met good friends and AFI and CLT there.. I miss everyone there especially those close one  :( i wish we can meet again but we're disperesed seedlings :( miss you guys so muchhhh ! 

Fuhhhh those army tanks thouuu .  Swag driver swag man swag tanks swagger ! I literally drop my identity as a girl and dash like a mad person up the huge step and down the slope just to see them up close and i really went high :/ 

Bleh outfit for the day ft my nikon ! Loving my brows as always now and yea so on and on and on ... :/

Im so happy happy happyyyyyyy ^^

Despite all those crap you give , like seriously . can you please maintain yourself ... Silence does NOT mean consent okay .
I want to grab a pair of this soooooo badlyyyyy even though i got enough shoes :/ but its soo sooo soooo pretty i cannot ....

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