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Kitty Tan.
Treasure every moment you live in, because you never know
when will be your last.


Hello! I'm Kitty. At the age of 20 in 2018. Singaporean blogger w a huge love for camera because it has the power to capture the moment. Memories are meant to be kept forever and not to be forgotten. I once fell down because of a guy i really loved. but now im going to be stronger than before. I'm also in love with food.
I kinda likes cars, bikes and speeds too.

Contact me @ kittytanwx.khj@gmail.com

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Get good and decent GPA for poly.
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Visit South Korea
A car/bike to drive around.
Getting myself inked at age 21.
Bikes that i wan : R15, KTM duke200, Kawa zx10r .
Treat myself better and to tour the world.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hello guys ! Happy mid week to y'all !! We are almost done w this dreadful week and the weekends are comingggg !! To begin w , this post will be about another MISSHA product review and some past photos ! 

Bare lips , nothing applied on it .

So there is my bare lip photo, no lip balm or anything on it . Its quite dry and cracks can be seen if i dont use a concealer . :(  BUTTTTTT ! After using MISSHA 's The Style Glow Lip Tint w SPF 18 !  

My lips felt more hydrated and it even comes w colours ! So i dont have to apply lipsticks to show my lips anymore ! 

Here i am using the CR01 colour . It actually is a very natural colour ! It wont be too bright to attract too much attention and too dull to be a turn off ~~ 

So do head down to any MISSHA outlet today and grab one now ! There are a variety of colours for you to choose even !! Just do remember to quote my name upon purchasing ! Just say ' kitty ' and it will be a great help to me . So THANK YOU in advance for reading this too ! 


So this is actually the noodle from monday , i finally posted it !!! And it tase soooooo good that i will go back again for a #cheatmeal ^^ 

Omg i swear this floral headband is so pretty that i died . I want one but i dont have any spare cash :(  hate how cash tight i am now , cant even afford tuition and im not even going to prom anymore :(   I just wanna leave this place soon and start anew somewhere else . Fresh 

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hey guys ! SELAMAT HARI RAYA my muslim friends x readers !! Yesterday early morning my fam decided to head over to IMM building for breakkie x shopping .  The jajjiang noodle is super awesome ! Ps if i spell wrong heh . Anyway healthy me decides to settle w a multi grain bread as usual ! I needa change my diet soon again , say no nutella , chicken floss , unhealthy food . 

Throwback to rhd , only have this pix to post in celebration of hari raya :/ 

Next best thing is : THERE IS AMATH TEST TODAYYYY !!!!! Oh godddddd , i didnt study for anything at all . :(  AND AND AND POA IS ON WEDNESSDAY :(((( 

My fave - raisin stick 

Not much selfies because i look terrible everyday , :( My confidence level is also dropping idek why .... #BadSign #SighpieKitty

Might be selling my camera soon ! Do anticipate the sale and if you like it , do purchase it !! Its a Nikon J1 -REDDD its going be 2 years old this december , no longer under warranty but still in excellent condition! Its lens is interchangable ! Its also comes w the cleaning kit !! Reason im selling : i need to upgrade myself since im a camera lover :/  not rich but want to spend alot of money. :(  more info on my camera soon !! 

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

hello guys! im back again and i got lots to share w you guys today!

Outfit of the day
-Navy blue criss cross dress 
-Pink and black snapback
oops forgot to take a pix of my shoe :/     

So this is today's breakkie plus hw :( so much to study and yet so little time but i can still afford time for shopping LOL! So my breakkie consist of oatmeals , and a nutella w peanut butter spread on multi grain bread from sunshine . #healthyfood #coatedwithnutella

So basically friday was workout day . It was great sweating it out . For the females out there trying to lose some belly fats or weights , dont just skip food !! Do some cardio , train your abs, and you will be fine . ;)  Its really up to you on how you wanna maintain your lifestyle . A little small change everyday and you will definitely see a change or progress inthe months to come ! I didnt get to where i am in a month, tbh it took me nearly a year because of wrong food intake and wrong type of workout done . Im glad i realised that now and the progress im making now is definitely worth it ! 

I actually went to MISSHA today to fetch some new items , tons of item to share w you guys but its too late to fillm it down so ill make making another post w the hauls of july soon since monday is a holiday and its also the new year for the muslim ! Selemat Hari Raya Adilfitri !!! Plus its my sissy birthday too so i'll be updating w how i spent my day off w family ;)

 New parka i got from a lovely carouseller ! Well its a bad sign that im shopping regularly online but look at them hot stuff ! Been wanting a parka since long time agooo but i couldnt find a nice one for myself and i happen to chance upon this today !! #LuckyKitty AND AND AND i even got a discount for this amazing piece !! It only cost me $12 !! I do hope i get to wear this out soon and it maybe a little small around the waist cause im not skinny enough , but it still looks amazing i swear !

Thanks for reading and supporting this blog ! The amount of views may not be high and extremely good but im glad its better than the past few blogs that died . #FIGHTING !

Follow me on Bloglovin !! <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12633705/?claim=jadxtjw284q">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hello guys ! So its mid week alr ! And can you believe how fast time flies ?! We are almost done w the month of July !! Well to start off this post well ,...  its going to be about racial harmony two days back ! ( monday 21 july ) 

Here we have ( left to right ) : Nicole , me , Amirah . 

Starring the ladies of 4f 2014 ! Well its pretty say that ms daliah left us before we could snap this year RHD w her ... :( i kinda kiss her presence even though its weird . But its just feels like a piece of the class is gone ....   Anyway ! Racial harmonday was awesomeee ! I dressed up as a chinese-indian ^^ although im not wearing a sari , i still like my outfit ! Outfit credits // Ashwenee //  This dress belongs to her and much thankies to coming early and bringing it to me ^^ :* 

Selfie in the toilet w ely ! 

First ever photo of the day w best friend after we changed ! Well i decided not to post smiling sefies for this post , so do pardon my retardness ~~  more photos coming on below !! 

Dull clothing Jie Yi and the bright coloured me hehehehehe 

Matching outfit w the beautiful english teacher ;)) 

Well the last photo is my fave idk why , i think i did a good job in editing it LOL ! Anyway ,, featuring ; Top- Fitri.  Bottom-   Neetha .   Both my fave girls and its always fun to have fitri around me ~ love you babes !! :* 

Overall summary of monday : Good way to start another dreadful week w my lovelies . <3 

Important notes : Racial harmony is celebrated yearly in Singapore to remind us about how important it is to be racial friendly to other races . We are all the same human just that we are under different skin . I dont think its good to judge others based on how our skin colour is . Be it Indian , Malay , Chinese or even Europeans and other races , we still have the same red heart beating inside of us . Happy racial harmony day  to all my fellow readers and have a good week ! 


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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hello guys ! So its Saturdayyy !! Mine have been going awesome and how about yours ?? Well first to start with , i went to the airport today to send a very much missed teacher off to aussie ..

So me and ely met darryl on the train towards changi airport by coincidenceand we were actually the last to arrive .. Sorry ms daliah for the wait !!  Well then we decided to walk like supernmodels down the departure hall and it was hilarious ! People might think we are ridiculous or crazyyy but its worth remembering for noww . 

So it was a totally ugly day for me cause i didnt managed to do cardio cause i felt nauseas halfway and i had to stop .. It was sad to stop and not sad that i am feeling horrible :/ #exercisefreak #TeamWorkOut ^^. Then i had to rush and meet ely and get to the airport which we failed to reached on time ... And idk why are people always looking at me i mean .. dude stop staring or poking qns at me man , then i also met a long lost friend at the airport by chance - joe ( mighty joe young ) hahahaha he was the friendliest senior i ever met and his someone i wont forget even though im not very close to him :/  

So i ran out of pix from my ipod and this is the last one with someone close too ! TADDAAA TO CLEO !! Thanks for being my maid in class dearest cleo de lampu ;););)

Its pretty late now and i need some beauty sleep LOL. Will update this post ahain when i get more pix from the class and of cause my camera ! Im so not done w this post so do wait for a update maybe latest by monday ! 

 better quality photos from my cammie ^^
  sorry for hiding behind the shades ms daliah but i look horrible that day :(
 candid w shi xuan ! #bestfriendformathclass
 Pakistani friend for the win ~~
checking in on the flights, i'll return soon to check mine. :)

Sidenote : i think my camera lens might be faulty again !!! :( :( and its no longer under warranty !! Worst way to end my saturday .  

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hey guys ! So its mid-week and hows your week going ? Mine hasnt been going smoothly but still im enjoying it ^^ it doesnt matter who spoils my day because it doesnt matter ;) a quote from kayla made me realise that i should know what is healthy for my thinking too and i am glad i am not thinking stubbonly anymore , 

It doesnt matter what storms we been through , we all rate things differently and its never going to be fair to judge . Working out may be a routine for me , but to others its might not be so. Having fast food maybe heaven for others but its torture for me . Theres a difference in everyone of us and we are all unique . Im very glad i am able to think like this and not narrow minded anymore . :) 

So i wasnt feeling well since last weekend and it dragged on for quite some times , so i went to the docs ytd and got myself a bunch of pills . Given the day off and rumours abt me started spreading like wildfire .. Disgusted by their comments by its alright it doesnt affect my mentally or physically at all . -aint nobody got time for that - 

Throwback to the airport 2 weeks agoo ! Went to fetch my aunt and had breakkie there . Pardon my sissy's unglam face but look at justin !! *.*   ISNT HE ADORABLEEEE. !! Sorry not sorry for posting pix with kids and me , i just like kids alot ~~ well another 3 more days till the weekend is here again ! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend so enjoy  enjoy the week ahead and thankies for reading ^^ 



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Monday, 14 July 2014

Hey guys ! So its the first day of the third week in july . Apparently time flies damn fast . 
Soooo much misses to Pulau Tioman :(  i miss the beach the sea the resort the food the holidayysss ~ prelims are starting soon for me and i've alr sat for my 'o' and 'n' level orals . This is how fast time flies when your busy studying .. I wont say im muggin because i obviously havent reach that state yet .. :( which is also not a good sign for me if i wanna get into PFP . 

If you look closely , you can spot neets between me and ash :/ *LOL* 

So during the previous weekends , i actually went over to neets house with ash and darryl to surprise her birthday ! It was a surprise that didnt surprise her as much as i expected :( well it was a good catchup session w my faves . Even though we are all busy and stuffs , im glad that we still spent a awesome night tgt .  

When im bored at grandma's . 

I definitely need to get some threading done , but the good news is im getting it done this week !! * flips hand in the air * 
Thank god for a professional makeup artist in the fam ^^. Seriously wishing for people to be better at taking my photos so i dont have to rely on selfies :( it seriously sucks when no one can captire nice photo of you when your taking beautiful shots of them :( 

well, its gonna be a long long week and i probably will only be updating again during the weekends .. Will be heading out to capture some nice photos and ill upload it here ! So do anticipate the weekends and cheers to those schooling , working , and enjoying life !!  


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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hey guys! so i'm gonna do a weekend update now, even though its just saturday.

trying to do the cross eye but i think i kinda failed. awshucks. well, its been a hectic week, im really drained out from homeworks. i actually wanted to do a vlog today, but i'm currently down w a flu :( and i could'nt even do my daily training today. So i thought since today is already a rest day, why not play around w my make-ups . heheh, as you can see im not really a pro in all these, but im gonna keep playing w it till i can do a full make-up flawlessly and effortlessly . 
pardon my bedsheet, i'm still young at heart and young everywhere. ;)
Apologies for the hideous background :x

So here is me featuring my new spray mask, otherwise known as the mist ! It's actually a hydration mask, with aloe scent. personally, i really like it alot, because its much more convenient than a sleeping mask, where as you have to use your finger to spread out the cream evenly. For this mist, all you have to do is spray 10cm away from your face and for better results, pat gently under the eye and cheek bone areas . I got this mist from MISSHA .Its only $15++ Its definitely worth the buy because its relatively cheaper than other type of mist, and for people with dry skin , this will definitely come in handy ! And the best thing is , its very convenient for people traveling or living in cold areas where your skin will dry up quickly. If your not a aloe type of person, they even have it in honey scent ! Its readily available in any MISSHA  outlets, so hurry down and grab one today ! Oh and simply , quote my name ' kitty ' to let them know you got it under my review ! It may be a hassle or even you might forget my name, but please do try to quote my name because its a important factor for me ~ BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS ♥♥♥

alright guys, i hope you enjoyed reading today's post, im gonna head off to snooze land now because i am really shagged and tmr is gonna be a long day again. Enjoy your weekends sweet hearts ~

kitty ♥

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

OMG OMG . Look who followed my tumblr !! Its leah ! She is the amazing sister of kayla itsines . Kayla is female workout trainer for bikini bodies . She motivates girls like me to work hard and stay determined . She also have amazing receipes that will fulfil your hungry tummy without making you gain bad carbs ! Im definitely over the moon now hehehehe ! 

This is me from after ytd cardio training and abs workout . Its a tiring process but it definitely keeps me strong and fit . 

Personally i hate how poeple comment on how less i eat and how much i over exercised . Like look, i want my bikini body so i train and eat this way . I am definitely not a glutten like you to eat that way . Neither do i have a perfect body to show without training . So why must youjudge  me on whatd i eat and how i train ? If you dont like it , dont comment . I didnt mention anything about your size too. 

I mean look, i am not skinny enough to be be real skinny , and neither am i fat enough to be called fat . Im fit and strong like this because i want to and i worked hard towards my goals . I wish more people will follow a healthy lifestyle instead of a unhealthy one .

Confidence is key and loving who you are is important . Dont mind others negative remarks about you and just be who you want to be ! :) 

 The benefits i received for changing my lifestyle is something i wont regret , so do check out kayla's web for more info on changing lifestyles at www.kaylaitsines.com.au and leah's blog at www.leahitsines.tumblr.com  

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

 So hey guys im back to blog w a new image . Hopefully this gets more reader than my previous because idk ..  People usually dont notice me so i thought i needed to start everything afresh and start living the way i dreamed . Side note : i used to dream i was famous. LOL . Well that was some dream . But its alright im gonna try doing this and hopefully people actually notice me . HAHAHAHA 

So heres a post about me : 
1. I live in the west of singapore . Currently taking my N's this year end ( not even taking my exam seriously )
2. Whad i likes ; english books , kpop..k drama .. Basically everything related to koreans . Exercise , abs training and cardio. I like wearing nice clothes out but my clothes are still limited . I enjoy being a model but people seriously doesnt know how to take nice photos of me . :( 

3. Whad i dislikes : unfriendly people . Heartless people . Stupid people that doesnt care for the enviroment . All of you people are major turnoff . I also dislikes backstabber and people who are stingy . Get some life bro ! 

that will be my short intro . Hehehe . Also i will be doing regular updates on MISSHA products because i am sponsered monthly to do some review about it . So do anticipate some adverts ! ^^ 

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